ClassLink - One Password for All Applications

  • Quick Tip: Reset your SRCS password using Classlink.

    Go to:

    Click the "Help, I forgot my password" text under the "Sign In" button.

    In the new window, enter your SRCS username only (the part before the @ sign in your email address) and follow the instructions.


    What is Classlink?

    ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords, and too many files scattered about.

    It is a one click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password (the SRCS Account Password).

    Accessible from any device, ClassLink is the perfect tool for ensuring the success of the SRCS 1:1 take-home device initiative. 


  • ClassLink

  • Single Sign-on

    Schools waste class time having everyone log in to what seems like an infinite number of web apps. With ClassLink, log in once and access all your apps on any device.

  • Learn From Anywhere

    ClassLink makes all your apps and files available on any device with a web browser.

  • Log into ClassLink today.


    To login please use your SRCS username (not the full email - only the part before the @ sign) and SRCS password.

    For example if my email is my SRCS username is JDoe

  • Here’s what you can do with ClassLink


    If you are a student or a staff member:

    • Log in once using your SRCS Account and gain access to all applications you need without having to type another password
    • Reset your own SRCS Account password in case you forget it (you need to set up your password recovery options first - here are instructions how to do it)

    If you are a staff member only:

    • Access your SRCS network resources from outside the SRCS network (e.g. home directories and shares)
    • Have your Google Classroom, SeeSaw and other applications rostered
    • Help students to reset passwords when they forget it and they didn't set up their password recovery options

  • You can also download the ClassLink App on iOS or Android devices.
    Click below:

    Apple app store

    Google play store