How to use SchoolDude

  • Maintenance & Operations employees juggle many projects and repairs, and SchoolDude is the electronic system that helps manage those tasks. Are you a school staff member? Do you have a request for the M&O department? Here's how to get started with SchoolDude:
    Step 1 - Go to the SchoolDude page, available on our website:
    Step 2 - Log in
    You will only need to register yourself with the system one time. You will log in initially using your full SRCS's email address and the password: "newuser." Directly below this under "Go to" you will use the drop down menu and select Maintenance Direct then click sign in.
    sign in
    If you have any trouble logging in, or if you are new to Santa Rosa City Schools, contact Lucy Tamayo or 707-890-3800 x 80232
    Step 3 - Fill out the maintenance request form on SchoolDude. IMPORTANT: when you get to the bottom, for the submittal password, type in the word "password," then submit.
    SchoolDude password