About Hearing Loss

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    What to do if you suspect your child can't hear well:

    Sometimes a child's hearing loss is not detected at birth. If a child of ANY age is suspected of having a hearing loss: Parents should discuss concerns with their child's pediatrician and request a referral for a hearing test. Time is of the essence! The earlier a hearing loss is identified, the sooner appropriate intervention services can begin.

    What qualifies as an eligible hearing loss?

    Hearing loss is defined as any hearing impairment, unilateral or bilateral, permanent or fluctuating, that adversely impacts a student's educational performance. For infants and toddlers, hearing loss is considered a known risk factor that can adversely impact their future educational performance.

    If the concern includes speech and language delays and the child is over 3 year of age:

    Parent should go to their local elementary school and request a speech and language evaluation. Schools are required to provide evaluations and appropriate services for all eligible children in their district starting at the age of 3.