PG&E power shutoffs & our schools

Latest update on power shutoffs:

  • Emailed to all staff and MCHS families - November 20, 2019

    PG&E expects power will be restored to the school on Thursday morning. Our previous history with PSPS events has shown that power usually comes back on within a couple of hours. Maria Carrillo High will OPEN at 10:00 am on Thursday, November 21. Please keep in mind:

    • The school could be cold on Thursday morning depending on power restoration
    • Students and staff should dress warmly for the morning. Layers are ideal, in case it warms up later
    • Buses will pick up two hours later than their usual pickup time, at their normal location (for example, if your child gets on the bus at 7:12am, they will get on at 9:12am)
    • School will end at its usual time on Thursday

    As always, parents are the best judge of what is best for their child. We will contact you if any of this information changes. We will also post updates on the district’s website: 

    Thank you for your understanding. See you at school on Thursday at 10:00 am.

    Estimadas Familias y Personal de la preparatoria Maria Carrillo:

    PG&E espera restaurar la energía el dia jueves por la mañana. Nuestras experiencias previas con eventos PSPS han mostrado que la restauración de energía típicamente tendrá lugar dentro de unas horas. La preparatoria. Maria Carrillo High REABRIRÁ a las 10:00 am el jueves 21 de noviembre. Por favor tome en cuenta lo siguiente:

    • La escuela podría estar fría el jueves por la mañana dependiendo de la hora cuando PG&E restaure la energía
    • Los estudiantes y personal deberían vestirse abrigados por la mañana. Las capas son ideales, en caso de que haya calor más tarde en el día
    • Los autobuses recogerán a los alumnos dos horas más tarde que la llegada regular en su parada y en su lugar normal (por ejemplo, si su hijo se sube al autobús normalmente a las 7:12 a.m., el día jueves se subirá a las 9:12 a.m.)
    • Las clases saldrán a la hora regular el día jueves

    Como siempre, los padres son los mejores jueces de lo que es mejor para su hijo. Vamos a comunicarnos con usted si hay un cambio en cualquier parte de esta información. También publicaremos información actualizada en el sitio web del distrito escolar: 

    Gracias por su comprensión. Nos vemos en la escuela el dia jueves a las 10:00 am.

Power shutoff questions & answers:

  • As you may be aware, PG&E may turn off electricity, also known as Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), when weather conditions put parts of our community at high risk for fire. This important precaution is meant to help reduce the risk of wildfires. Power shutoffs could mean schools are closed. These shutoffs and school closures may come at very short notice. Here are answers to some common questions, using the best information we have from PG&E at this time.

  • What if the power is shutoff during the school day?

  • What happens if the power is shut off before the school day begins?

  • If there is a power shutoff, will all SRCS schools close?

  • How will I know if my school is closed?

  • Will students have to make up days if schools are closed?

PG&E maps and information:

  • To see if your school or home has been listed as a possible location for a planned PG&E power outage, go to PG&E Potential PSPS Power Outage Maps web page. Type in the address of your school or your home. You can find school addresses on the Our Schools web page.

    To see whether PG&E power outage events are likely in our area, go to the PG&E Weather Awareness web page. All 24 of our schools are located in Zone 3.

    PG&E Geographic zones