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  • Santa Rosa City Schools is the largest school district in Sonoma County, California, located about an hour north of San Francisco. To learn more about the rich history of our school district, read our story:

    In 2016, Santa Rosa City Schools won a Golden Bell Award for the district's Equity and Social Justice Intitiative. The primary goal of the initiative is to accelerate the progress of our English Learners and to close achievement gaps ... Read More

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The October 2017 Wildfires

  • Reamins of a fire-damaged building  at Hidden Valley Satellite campus

    Beginning the night of October 8, 2017, Sonoma County, including Santa Rosa, experienced several days of uncontained, massive wildfires. The fires destroyed the homes of approximately 80 Santa Rosa City Schools staff and 800 students. The fires completely destroyed the Hidden Valley Satellite campus and destroyed much of Santa Rosa High School’s teaching farm on Alba Lane. The Governor of the State of California declared a state of emergency for Sonoma County. Schools were closed, and all levels of district staff were on mandatory evacuation for extended periods. Many schools did not have power. Two of our schools, Elsie Allen High and Lawrence Cook Middle, were used as emergency shelters. All schools needed to be inspected, thoroughly cleaned due to smoke, ash and other debris, and then inspected again before being declared safe for students to return. Crews worked to clean two-million square feet on our campuses, replacing 3,000 HVAC filters and remediating four high school turf football fields. Thirteen of our schools reopened to students after being closed for 14 school days. The other 11 reopened after being closed for 15 school days.

    For more on fire recovery, including services and donations, please visit our Fire Recovery page.