Learning House

  • Learning house art

  • Learning House is a virtual learning environment, new to our district in the 2020-21 school year, for grades K-9 (K-10 in 2021-22).

    Learning House goes beyond the traditional school experience. Each Learning House groups together students from throughout the district with a small team of core-subject and elective teachers, to form a learning community. Students get to know students from other schools and the teacher team works with all of the students and includes standards-based instruction, project-based learning, design thinking, and projects that blend together learning across content areas helping students connect their learning to real world application. Students learn to develop skills necessary to engage with issues we face in our local, national, and international community through exploration of:


    SELF: Through the use of curriculum focused on discovering purpose and belonging our students discover who they are, what’s important to them and their current purpose.

     With the help of our community partners and staff, our students learn how to articulate their purpose and design their roadmap for the future. 

     Once our students have a sense of themselves and their future plans, they turn their focus to the community, learning the importance of civic engagement and service learning.

     Civic engagement and service learning will be demonstrated through student led real world projects.

    CONNECTION: Intervention and enrichment are a key component of the program to strengthen and engage all learners.