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Facilities Master Plan

Process Overview

In 2015 and 2016, Santa Rosa City Schools (SRCS) and their partners worked to develop a Facilities Master Plan to understand all the facilities needs across the district and guide decision-making for the implementation of the bond funding provided by Measures I and L passed in November 2014. In November 2022 the voters of SRCS passed two new bond measures C and G to provide additional facilities funding. SRCS partnered with QKA to update this Facilities Master Plan to continue to guide facilities decision-making for Measures C and G and beyond. 

Over the course of 10 months, staff and partners worked to develop and implement a master planning process that is aligned with the District’s goals and which includes all representatives from all members of the Santa Rosa City Schools community. This process has included over 70 meetings with committees representing the community of each school in the District and including teachers, staff, students, parents, administrators and community members. The FMP is the result of their time, effort and viewpoints.


The FMP was developed in a way that is responsive to the goals established by the School District, as identified in the Santa Rosa City Schools Strategic Planning Document, and the District’s Local Control Accountability Plans.  The plan has also been developed to respond to the needs of the communities in which the District serves. The underlying goals of this plan are:

  • Providing all students with a core set of knowledge and skills across all subject areas in order to ensure each student is College and Career Ready. 
  • Providing all students with a Balanced Education that promotes healthy growth intellectually, socially, and mentally. 
  • Serving all Students with a fair, just and equitable distribution of resources: personnel, financial, and instructional. 
  • Providing Learning Environments and Resources that are supported by clean, safe, and inviting facilities with relevant learning materials, technologies, and support staff.

Engagement Process

This Facilities Master Plan was prepared through a comprehensive process to provide a long term vision for all facilities needs at each of the schools within Santa Rosa City Schools.  In order to respond to District goals and achieve success, the master plan process was designed around the guiding principles of equity, transparency, and inclusivity.

Flow Chart of Engagement

Education Facilities Guidelines

A set of common expectations for facilities at each type of school (high school, middle school, elementary school) across the district. 

Equity Example

  • Developed by a committee of stakeholders from across the District.
  • Intended to guide Facilities Master Planning to provide an equity of educational experience
  • Allows for variation between schools to reflect unique programs , communities and their needs.

Identification of Needs

The FMP identified almost $1.4 billion in needed improvements across the District. These improvements address a wide variety of needs ranging from replacing aging portable classrooms, adding fencing and reconfiguring offices to create secure campus perimeters, modernizing existing permanent buildings and improving outdoor spaces.

Chart of Estimated Total Need per Site



Facilities Master Plan Final (Board Approved December 13, 2023) 


Facilities Implementation Plan

Facilities Implementation Plan Final (Board Approved December 13, 2023)