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Data helps school districts see whether they are meeting their goals. With data, we can measure student progress, measure program effectiveness, guide curriculum development, allocate resources effectively, and promote accountability to the community.

Some common sources of data for California Schools:

California School Dashboard - In the past few years, California has shifted away from a single way to measure schools' performance (test scores) to a set of measures displayed in an interactive, online format.

The Dashboard aims to display how schools are doing in key areas, like graduation rates, parent engagement, and students' mastering of state standards. The Dashboard is centered on equity, identifying student groups that can be better served. Rather than finding fault, it is meant to help schools and districts identify areas where they need to grow and build on strengths.

To learn some basics about the Dashboard, watch this video, which was kindly shared by the Alameda County Office of Education: Dashboard Video - English | Dashboard Video - Spanish

DataQuest - Use the level and subject drop down menus to see a variety of state data about our schools.

EdData - Find fiscal, demographic, and performance data on our schools.