• Santa Rosa City Schools Ethnic Studies

    Mission Statement:

    The mission for Ethnic Studies at Santa Rosa City Schools is to provide a transformative education that empowers students to critically examine the contributions and experiences of colonially and institutionally underserved communities. Students will consciously and intentionally develop their understanding of community assets and cultural wealth to become agents of positive change who promote equity, empathy, and social justice in society.

    Grad requirement Board Policy: 

    Beginning with the class of 2025, successful completion of a single two-semester course or two semesters (10 credits) of any a-g offerings in Ethnic Studies, including courses offered through dual or concurrent enrollment. Any Ethnic Studies course taken shall meet a UC/CSU a-g course requirement and shall also accrue credit for coursework in the subject that course is offered. Completion of the middle school Ethnic Studies elective course with a grade of ‘C’ or better prior to grade 9 shall satisfy the graduation requirement, though high school credits will not be awarded.

    Our students may meet the Ethnic Studies grad requirement through any of the following courses:

    • Ethnic Studies Elective, Middle School
    • Ethnic Studies Elective, High School
    • Ethnic Studies English 9/10, Honors 9/10
    • Ethnic Studies English 11/12, Honors 11/12
    • Ethnic Studies Spanish for Spanish Speakers
    • Ethnic Studies Drama
    • Ethnic Studies US History
    • Ethnic Studies English for SGI (pending Board approval)