Wellness Welcomed

Wellness Welcomed

  • Let’s find a healthy balance!

    The mission of the SRCS Wellness Welcomed is to inspire, create and maintain a workplace and home environment that supports each person's healthy lifestyle choices.

    Santa Rosa City Schools is proud to introduce Wellness Welcomed to our staff. This team was formed to help us rekindle our desires to achieve a healthier lifestyle that can guide us in finding and maintaining that perfect balance between work and home. We hope to provide you with some inspiration, guidance, and resources to help you blossom in that direction. 

    We welcome any suggestions, creative health tips, and resources you may want to share with the rest of the SRCS family. 


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    Knowing More About Your Health & Wellness Insurance Carriers and Providers

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    Counseling Services Available Through SOS

    Presently, SRCS employees can receive counseling for only a $10-20 co-pay. You have 10 available individual therapy sessions as long as you are part of the unit of treatment. Just let them know you are a SRCS employee. After the sessions are used up, the client/employee can contact the district to request more, which may or may not be approved, or continue on as a privately paid client with a new fee negotiated at that time based on income. Call them directly on (707) 284-3444. If you have any more questions, please contact Eric Lofchie elofchie@srcs.k12.ca.us for more information.


    Wellness Welcomed Monthly Newsletters (Past & Present)

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    The Team

    The SRCS Wellness Welcomed Team consists of Betty Garcia (HR), Jonathan Jones (Risk Management & Safety), Eric Lofchie (W&E), Elizabeth Munns (Special Services Nurse), Kaye Moore (HR) & Patty Turner (W&E).