Create my Aeries parent portal account

  • Welcome to the Aeries SRCS – Parent Portal. You should have received a “Welcome” letter from Santa Rosa City Schools with a link to the Aeries portal, your email, and temporary password. If you need to search for the letter in your email, use “SantaRosa” as one word in your search. To sign in, visit the SRCS Aeries portal, ( If you cannot locate the letter, please contact your child's school for assistance.

    Once you have signed into your account with your temporary password, please change your password using the "Change Password" option in the drop down menu next to your name.

    If you have more than one student in Santa Rosa City Schools, information for each student will be in the one account. You can view your child's schedule, grades and gradebook entries in the SRCS Aeries parent portal. 

    We hope you find this resource easy to use and helpful as you support your child’s education. Santa Rosa City Schools feels that giving you immediate access to your student’s academic progress can benefit your student for a lifetime of learning. We value our partnership with you to ensure your child’s success in school.