Tech Hub - Easy Access Guide

  • You can access the new Tech Hub by going to: or links provided through our website: Tech Hub


    You don't need to create a username to use the new system.

    Simply go to and click the "Sign in with Google" button as seen in the picture bellow:

    Sign in with Google

    and sign in with your account

    Teacher sign in

    If you are already signed in to your browser the system will ask you to chose the account you want to use (use the one) as below:

    Teacher choose account


    Submitting a ticket in Tech Hub

    Once logged in you will be taken to the SRCS Help Portal


    You can search for answers in the Search Box or create a help desk ticket by clicking the "Create a Help Request" button and fill in the form with as much information you can provide so that the tech personnel can more efficiently help you.

    The fields marked with a red star are required and you won't be able to submit until you fill in the required information. Please make sure to enter the time when you can be reached and your extension number (separate fields are provided for each).



    For Illuminate questions we suggest you use the Search function first which will take you to valualbe, easy to follow training material.

    SRCS Illuminate trained support staff will be available to take your Help Requests in case the knowledge database doesn't answer your search.


    Checking ticket progress

    Once logged into the portal click on your name at the top right of the window to see all the help deks tickets you had created and check their status.

     Portal with tickets

    You can add comments to your tickets in the portal (as seen below) or you can interract with the system via email. 


    Communication both via email and through the portal

    Once you create a ticket through the portal the system will send you a confirmation email.

    The tech support staff will automatically be assigned the tickets and they will interract with you via email through ZenDesk: all the information they put into the system about your ticket or question they ask you will be recorded into the system itself and you will be notified immediately via email when changes to your ticket had occured. You can reply directly to the email to interract with the support staff or add more information to the ticket. If you prefer you can log back at a later time into the portal and answer quesitons or add comments there. All changes will be reflected both in the portal and in email threads whether you provide information via email or via portal.

    Here is what a sample thread of interrations would look in the portal for one ticket:

     Portal Thread

    and here is the same thread in the email:

    Email Thread


    As you can see the portal offers slightly more information but once you submitted an email you could fully get updates and full resolution just by using email.

    You would technically only need to use the portal to create new tickets.


    If you have any questions please submit a ZenDesk ticket:

    Please bookmark this page.