Multilingual Services

  • Multilingual Services/ Servicios Multilingües

    This department supports schools in our district to ensure that Multilingual Learners (MLs), also known as English Learners (ELs), have equal access to high-quality education and the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential. Santa Rosa City Schools recognizes that MLs have a double curricular load- they shall become proficient in academic English, and they shall master all of the academic content required of all students in California. This means that MLs require additional services to ensure that they acquire English and have access to the full curriculum in a way that makes instruction comprehensible and meaningful.


    English Learner Master Plan

    Santa Rosa City Schools English Learner Master Plan is an overarching master plan that brings together all the many aspects of learning, teaching, and supporting our English Learners across the district. It is not limited to the Department of Multilingual Services but applies to all departments, sites, classrooms, services, and individuals who dedicate their work to cultivating a successful future for our students. The EL Master Plan maps out clearly our collective responsibility to our English Learners, their families, and our community.

    SRCS English Learner Master Plan 

    Plan Maestro para los Estudiantes Aprendices del Inglés

    Director | Eduwiges Llamas

    Program Acct. Tech | Sandy Garcia | 707-890-3800 x80308

    Coordinator I Gabriela Prado

    EL Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) | Rocio Miscio

    DLI Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)I Mariel Montesinos

    English Learner (EL) Specialist I Diane Gunderson

    English Learner (EL) Specialist | Lindsay Nash

    English Learner (EL) Specialist | Tara Hochstadt

    English Learner (EL) Specialist | Annie Scully

    English Learner (EL) Specialist I Caitlin Scheib

    English Learner (EL) Specialist I Rachel Spector

    Supporting Our Language Learners (SOLL) Counselor I Dino Battaglini

    Supporting Our Language Learners (SOLL) Counselor I Salvador Barrera

    Family Engagement Facilitator I Daisy Roman Salgado

    Family Engagement Facilitator I Doris Ugarte Romero

    District Translation Supervisor I Daniel Bigelow

    District Translator I Mirla Gaxiola