For Advanced Learners

  • 3 students look at project in ALPS class

    Advanced Learners Programs and Services (ALPS)

    SRCS is implementing new Advanced Learner Program and Services (ALPS) plan. This plan replaces the previous GATE (Gifted & Talented) plan, with a shift toward providing all K-6 students the opportunity to engage in advanced creative and critical thinking skills.

    ALPS uses an inclusive approach with an emphasis on differentiated instruction and flexible grouping in the regular classroom. The goal of the ALPS program is to meet the intellectual needs of all students so they can reach their highest potential. ​Using depth, complexity and novelty, students dig deeply into subject matter they are learning,​ and ​tap into their unique interests and talents. This happens throughout the school year, during regular classroom instructional time. 

    The ALPS Plan was approved by the Board of Education on April 26, 2017.

    For more information about joining the ALPS Advisory Council, to be made up of parents, educators and community members, email Anna Benton-Williams, Teacher on Special Assignment (ALPS)