Exchange Student Information

  • Due to COVID-19, the exchange student program may be affected. Please email Stacy Desideri for more information.

  • Santa Rosa City Schools appreciates the cultural and linguistic richness that comes from hosting students from other countries. Our students and staff benefit from worldwide perspectives. Below you can find an abbreviated list of requirements for exchange students entering SRCS. 

    The deadline for applying is the last day of school the previous school year.
    The current calendar can be found by clicking here.

    Administrative Regulation - Only 4 criteria for the students:

    1. Must have completed 3 years of high school or its equivalent in order to be a high school senior. 
    2. Cannot have already graduated from high school.
    3. Fluent reading and writing in English
    4. Meet all state immunization requirements

    Board Policy
    – student must be participating in an exchange program registered with the California Attorney General's Office, designated by the U.S. Department of State and accepted for listing on the Council for Standards for International Educational Travel's Advisory List. Criteria for the referring agent.

    1. Student is placed at the school of residence of the host family, no transfers.
    2. Applications for the following year are accepted through the last day of instruction, the previous year.
    3. We only accept complete packets with a handwritten statement from the student, transcript and immunization.
    4. Each high school will not receive more than 4 students.

    Board Policy pertaining to exchange students

    Administrative Regulation pertaining to exchange students

    Contact the Wellness & Engagement Office:
    Secretary | Yolanda Silva | 707-890-3808
    Email: Stacy Desideri | Executive Director