How to Enroll

  • First, find your school of residence...

    It all begins with your school of residence, also known as your neighborhood school. Find your school by entering your home address into My School Locator.

    If you are registering for next school year, 2019-20, you will use new online registration...

    To learn more about Kindergarten or Kinder Academy (also known as KA, TK, or Transitional Kindergarten) registration for 2019-20, visit our Kindergarten Registration page.

    To pre-register your child in any grade for the 2019-2020 school year, you will be completing the process online. Start the process by selecting Register Online and answer a series of short questions to ensure you register your student at the correct school. This process is not available for Charter Schools until the Charter Schools have finished taking applications. That window opened on January 15, 2019, and closes on February 15, 2019 for the 2019-20 school year. Please visit the Charter School web page, click on the school name, and scroll to the school's Lottery Application link.

    If you are enrolling for the current school year, 2018-19, please go to your school...

    To enroll your child in any grade, visit your school of residence during regular school hours (Find your school by entering your home address into My School Locator). To learn more about Kindergarten or Kinder Academy, visit our Kindergarten Registration page.

    Each school has their own registration packet, including a registration form, emergency contact card and school-specific information. If you would like to see the type of information required on the registration form, see Registration Form English or Registration Form Spanish. You will need to bring:

    • Proof of residency (your address on a rental agreement, purchase agreement, utility bill)
    • Proof of student's age
    • Emergency contact & healthcare provider information
    • Proof of Immunization

    For more information see Enrollment Instructions in English & Spanish. 

    Did you know...

    • Students who live in the residence area have priority in attending their school of residence (neighborhood school).
    • The district maintains a street grid with addresses for purposes of determining the school of residence (see My School Locator).
    • The SRCS Board of Education establishes the optimal capacity of each school.

    What if my child wants to enroll at a SRCS charter school?

    • Students do not enroll in charter schools, they "apply" to attend the school. To learn more, contact the charter school.

    What if I want to enroll my child at a school other than our neighborhood school?

    • Are you sure? Some parents say the best thing they ever did was to visit their neighborhood school. You might want to schedule a meeting with the principal, go to a PTA meeting to talk to other parents, or attend the end-of-the year Open House in May at your neighborhood school.
    • If you wish to enroll your child in a school other than your neighborhood school, it's considered a transfer. Please visit the Transfers page.

    If you need help or have questions, contact:
    Student and Family Engagement | 707-890-3800 x80418