Discipline & Behavior

  • School administrators (principals, vice principals, assistant principals) are the best source of information about any discipline issues at their particular school. If there are concerns about discipline that cannot be addressed by school administrators, contact the SAFE office at 707-890-3800 x80418.

    Student discipline information is outlined in the Information Handbook.

    Encouraging good behavior

    Over the past few years, the district has been rolling out a program called BEST Plus in every school. Watch the BEST Plus video (below) for more information.

    • BEST involves Positive Behavior Interventions -- focusing on good behavior and encouraging it.
    • The Plus involves something called Restorative Practices. That means students learn from their mistakes and repair relationships.
    • For more information on our district's efforts to build and restore relationships, see the Restorative Practices web page.

    Best Plus Handbook