Home & Hospital

  • ​Any student enrolled with SRCS who develops a temporary health issue (see above) that will last three to eight weeks is eligible to apply for Home/Hospital instruction, unless it is evident at the onset of the health issue that the student will be out for more than three (3) weeks.

    Students not enrolled in SRCS who are receiving inpatient treatment at a facility located within the district attendance areas are eligible to apply for Home/Hospital services.

    All Home/Hospital requests for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) must be approved through a “placement IEP” that is held with the student’s case manager and school site IEP team.

    All Home/Hospital requests for students with a 504 plan must be approved by a 504 team at the School of Residence.

    Students over 18 years of age and not enrolled in SRCS do not qualify for Home/Hospital instruction, unless they have an Individualized Education Plan.

    Students who are not enrolled in a SRCS school or program and who live within the SRCS boundaries need to enroll in their home school (school in their attendance area) to receive Home/Hospital instruction.

    Specialized/advanced courses may not be offered through Home/Hospital instruction (i.e., AP, IB, Honors, foreign language, lab science courses, electives requiring specific tools or equipment, and some higher level mathematics courses). Courses may not be A-G approved by the University of California.

    Home/Hospital instruction is not intended as a general program of independent study. Reevaluation of a student’s health condition will be required from the physician/psychiatrist after eight (8) weeks of Home/Hospital instruction. 


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