• What is an LCAP?

    In 2013, California adopted a new formula for deciding how much money each school district gets, called the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). School districts will decide how to use the funds, but under the new system they must get input from their local communities. They also have to tie their budgets to improvement goals by creating a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

    Our LCAP has two main goals, and here are a few things that we are doing to support each of those goals:

    Goal 1: Provide a coherent, rigorous and relevant teaching and learning program to graduate college and career ready students.

    • The new California State Standards adopted by the state have meant changes in curriculum. Our teachers and administrators continue to collaborate on curriculum design in all core subjects -- English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
    • Teachers are getting professional development training and support from their peers.
    • The district has received a grant to focus on STEM -- Science Technology Engineering and Math. We are doing that with Maker projects in grades K-8.
    • We have opened College and Career Centers in our high schools, with specialized counselors, to provide information and support as our students prepare for 21st century education and careers.

    Goal 2: Increase student and family wellness and engagement through the full service community school model.

    • The district is rolling out a program called “BEST Plus” in every school, over the next few years. “BEST” involves Positive Behavior Interventions -- focusing on good behavior and encouraging it. The “Plus” involves something called Restorative Practices. That means students learn from their mistakes and repair relationships.
    • The district has added Family Engagement staff, and we are already seeing a positive impact on students and families.
    • There are now a Mental Health Support Services in every school, in addition to our own school counselors, and students are using those services.
    • With all of that support and engagement, we are seeing fewer suspensions and expulsions.
    • Our teachers are attending professional development trainings about mental health. Many teachers have also visited the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, thanks to a museum grant, or attended equity and unconscious bias training in the district.

    Take a look at our latest LCAPs

    2022-23 SRCS Elementary and Secondary LCAP

    Our charter schools each have their own LCAP:

    2021-22 Cesar Chavez Language Academy LCAP
    2021-22 Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School LCAP
    2021-22 Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts LCAP
    2021-22 Santa Rosa French-American Charter School LCAP

    Share your thoughts by taking the LCAP survey

    Did you know that your input helps influence our school district's priorities and spending? Every year, Santa Rosa City Schools and other districts throughout California conduct surveys of students, staff, and parents in order to create our LCAP. Our surveys not only provide input for the LCAP but also for the district and schools to understand student, staff, and parent perceptions about school. These perceptions are linked to academic outcomes, so it’s beneficial to know what your students are experiencing in our schools and classrooms.

    The survey is usually taken in January. Check back here for more information.

    What is a SPSA?

    The Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) is a site plan created by a school team including the principal, teachers, parents, community partners, and, where applicable, secondary school students. The SPSA is a tool for school sites to prioritize particular programs and strategies that will best serve their students, families, and the community. It lays out each school’s plan for achieving its goals, and discusses the connection between the school's goals and actions, and the District's Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), which lays out goals for the entire district.

    Links to each site's SPSA will be available soon! See the Our Schools web page for links to each school.

    State guidelines require that the SPSA must:

    • Identify site-specific achievement goals based on a variety of student performance data.
    • Describe specific instructional strategies to accelerate student learning.
    • Describe the ways in which student progress will be monitored on a regular basis.
    • Identify interventions for students not achieving.
    • Determine the necessary professional development for staff.
    • Delineate strategies for parent communication and engagement.
    • Reflect estimated costs and funding sources.
    • Involve consultation with other site advisory groups.

  • Do you have questions or comments?

    For questions or comments related to Santa Rosa City Schools' LCAPs, email us at
    Please put "LCAP" in the subject line. Thank you!